At Ubiminds, our journey begins with a simple yet powerful mantra: bringing people and opportunities together. Founded on the principles of trust, respect, and mutual growth, we aim to transcend traditional people management, focusing on empowering high-performers and facilitating the creation of products that people love. Here we share Ubiminds’ core values and a little of the feelings that drive us.

Navigating the Ubiverse

6 Values to Be Aware Of: The Essence of an Ubiminder

Ubiminders, as we affectionately call ourselves, are not just team members; we are champions of core values. These values define us and set us apart in the professional landscape.

1 People First – We advocate for environments rich in trust, respect, and empathy. Everyone matters.

We prioritize employee well-being and work-life balance. Offer mental health support and encourage open communication. Specifically for software development, we focus on user-centered design, ensuring the end-user experience, is at the forefront of software product development. Consider user feedback and incorporate it into iterations.

2 Better Together – We empathize and share, collaborating towards personal and organizational growth.

In practice, this means Ubiminders foster a collaborative culture where team members actively share knowledge, support each other’s growth, and celebrate collective achievements. At our clients, we  promote cross-functional collaboration between developers, designers, and other stakeholders. Encourage teamwork to address complex challenges.

3 Keep it Real – We are mature enough to practice respectful honesty. This helps us thrive and inspire!

At Ubiminds, we encourage honest, constructive feedback in performance reviews. Create an environment where employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions. Our core team and those placed in client companies all discuss challenges openly and seek solutions collectively.

4 Challenge Yourself – Problem-solving excites us. Creativity drives our passion and growth.

We partner with our clients to provide continuous learning opportunities to team members. With this, we encourage them to take on new responsibilities and stretch their day to day capabilities.

The huge pro is that this cultivates a culture of innovation where team members are encouraged to explore new technologies and approaches. We embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

5 Make it happen We are capable and believe in ourselves. We are protagonists!

When you hire through Ubiminds, you agree to empower people to take initiative and ownership of their projects. Together, we recognize and reward proactive problem-solving.As a result, we encourage a proactive mindset in delivering projects. Empower developers to take the lead in implementing solutions and meeting project goals.

6 Average on awesome – We’re the outlier. We continuously evolve to excel and surpass expectations.

Our processes strive for excellence in talent acquisition, ensuring the team comprises exceptional individuals. Our product, design, and engineering experts aim for outstanding software quality. Expect them to regularly assess and improve coding standards, conduct code reviews, and pursue continuous improvement in development processes.

The Ubiminds Agreement: Expectations and Responsibilities

Foreign companies choosing Ubiminds as their growth partner do so because they align with these values and work ethics. What they expect are key behaviors that reflect our commitment to these principles.

Our Manifesto

A brand manifesto is a powerful declaration that articulates Ubiminds’ core values, beliefs, and aspirations, serving as the driving force behind our energy and commitment to fostering trust, collaboration, and continuous growth in the software engineering and product development landscape.

To be an Ubiminder – The Gentle Rebel’s Manifesto

Ubiminds is the hub of a global community, where brilliant minds meet and the future takes shape. We welcome the trailblazers, the curious, and the fearless disruptors who mint possibilities.

Our purpose is clear. We connect people to boundless opportunities that transcend geography, unlocking their true potential. Through our work, we unite talented individuals and visionary companies, empowering them to shape the world through extraordinary software.

  • People are at the core of our values. We are authentic and champion an ecosystem rich in trust, respect, and empathy. We celebrate the inherent worth of every individual, ensuring their contributions matter.
  • To us, awe-inspiring innovation is a collective endeavor. Ubiminds fuels personal and organizational growth through shared empathy, unwavering support, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Our success and sustainability build on genuine partnerships with all our stakeholders.

We are not dreamers; we are doers.  As professionals, we are creators with the audacity to push technical boundaries. As people, we are catalysts of change, unlocking new realms of achievement and inspiring others to do the same.

Join Ubiminds to carve a future where rules are broken and new paradigms are born. Embrace the gentle rebel within, for it is through disruption that we reshape the world. 

A Peek into Ubiminds’ Core Values When Put Into Action

Transparency in Communication

Ubiminders live by transparency. Whether it’s about discussing requests to seeking feedback, open communication is our guiding principle. We navigate with clarity and openness.

  • Open communication is standard at Ubiminds, guiding everything from PTO requests to growth discussions.
  • Ubiminders provide regular updates, share blockers, and offer detailed insights into ongoing activities. We actively seek feedback and proactively address challenges, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Mindful Work Practices

Your time is valuable, and so is everyone else’s. Mindful work practices at Ubiminds involve planning interactions, maintaining punctuality, and being fully present during meetings. It’s about respecting each other’s time and optimizing the efficiency of our collaborative efforts.

  • We also do our best to be culturally sensitive. This includes respecting individual beliefs, sharing experiences in digital fireside chats, and creating psychologically safe environments.
  • Workspaces matter In the digital realm too. Ubiminders prioritize a reliable internet connection, tidy environments, and a professional dress code, creating an atmosphere conducive to focus and productivity.

Accountability as a Cornerstone

Trust is built on accountability. Ubiminders actively participate in distributed team rituals, consistently follow through on commitments, and maintain open communication on priorities.

After all, we are dedicated to continuous improvement. This involves understanding evaluation metrics, delivering high-quality work, and identifying technical dependencies to provide exceptional value.

The Ubiminds Experience

Connecting Beyond Work

At Ubiminds, we go beyond the transactional nature of business. We understand the importance of connecting on a personal level. Our commitment extends to respecting individuality, promoting diversity, and being mindful of different realities, beliefs, and opinions.

Work-Life Balance

Ubiminders respect time zone differences and coordinate work schedules for optimal collaboration. We encourage finding the right balance, setting windows for focus and collaboration, and respecting each other’s productive hours.

Technical Excellence

Ubiminders take pride in technical excellence. From choosing the right equipment for clean audio to being mindful of the message conveyed, we ensure our professionalism extends to every aspect of our virtual presence.

The Ubiminds Support System

Got questions or need assistance navigating the Ubiminds universe? Our People Ops and Relationship Success teams are here for you. Whether it’s about understanding your contract, requesting support, or exploring growth opportunities, we’ve got your back.


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