Ubiminds: Scale Distributed Engineering Teams In Brazil

Ubiminds connects nearshore engineering talent and high-performance distributed teams.

We are a talent powerhouse. Ubiminds does tech recruitment and staff augmentation throughout the software development lifecycle.

Ubiminders are #OneTeam with your full-time employees.

Tired of managing remote teams? What you need is a true collaboration. Ubiminds goes beyond tech recruitment and guides distributed teams towards success.
Ubiquitous + Minds: Ubiminds believes we should bring toguether the best people, regardless of where they are

We promote meaningful relations where everyone wins.

We at Ubiminds match American digital product teams and Brazilian tech experts. Count on us to build a unified environment of trust, transparency, and accountability.

We give companies 
high-quality tech hires.

Ubiminds' IT staff augmentation services find IT Architects, DevOps specialists, Software Engineers. Awesome people that build powerful software products.

We help software engineers find meaningful jobs.

Ubiminds matches high-skilled tech talent and innovative, performance-based companies. More than mobility, international experience: full-time, reliable work.

We execute HR and business processes

Ubiminds manages bureaucracy, executes payroll, and monitors intellectual property. By taking care of compliance, we spare hassle and protect from liability.

We abide by core values that are key to strong distributed teams.

Ubiminds and its business partners are #OneTeam, united in building awesome products that deliver value to users. We share our energy and know-how to take work culture and team building to a new level.

People First

We are all about people! We understand and take human interaction and wellbeing very seriously – and want everyone around us to feel the same.

Challenge Yourself

There’s always room for improvement and continuous improvement is in our essence.
Leave your comfort zone, embrace failure, and above all, don’t be afraid.

Make it Happen

Be ready to take challenges as they come. We’re a fresh, young, and fearless company and the feeling of accountability is what drives us forward.

We’re In This Together

We win together, we fail together. We don’t say it just because it sounds good, we really mean it. We work as a team, we thrive as a team and we evolve as a team.

Keep It Real

We promise you honesty, transparency, and openness, regardless of the situation. We expect nothing more in return.That is how we treat each other, and that is what we expect.

Average on Awesome

We work hard to deliver high-quality services and look forward to exceeding expectations. We like what we do, and we aim at doing it well. Every time, always.

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