We connect people and companies who shape the world through software. NorthAm + Latam. Brains + Hearts.

Ubiminds expands software teams. We reel in top performers while also protecting your organization, product, and culture.

Our Values are Key to Stronger Distributed Teams.

Ubiminds’ core principles guide us to advocate for your company, the advice we provide, and how we apply our energy and expertise to build awesome products that positively impact people’s lives.

We Promote Meaningful Relations Where Everybody Wins.

Ubiminds connects American and Canadian companies to Latin American design, product, and engineering experts.

Count on us to build a unique environment of trust, transparency, and accountability.

  • People First

    We advocate for environments rich in trust, respect, and empathy. Everyone matters.

  • Better Together

    We empathize and share, collaborating towards personal and organizational growth.

  • Keep it Real

    We are mature enough to practice respectful honesty. This helps us thrive and inspire!

  • Challenge Yourself

    Problem-solving excites us. Creativity drives our passion and growth.

  • Make it happen

    We are capable and believe in ourselves. We are protagonists!

  • Average on awesome

    We're the outlier. We continuously evolve to excel and surpass expectations.

Just like full-time employees, but zero risk.

Ubiminds is #OneTeam with your organization. From Product and Engineering, all the way to HR, Legal and Finance. You focus on building better software products, Ubiminds does the rest.

Full-time-like additions to your team.

No more disengaged contractors. Collaborate with full-fledged team members fully integrated with your existent team! We provide people for Product, Infrastructure, Engineering, Management and Support positions.

End-to-end PeopleOps Management in LatAm.

Ubiminds attracts, recruits, hires, onboards, does career development, retains, and guides risk-zero separation of software team members. Enjoy hassle-free growth in LatAm.

Build Teams Abroad Without Risk or Liability.

Ubiminds' unique business model safeguards user data, meets privacy compliance reqs, and protects your intellectual property. Plus, tax-friendly and co-employment risk-free.

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