Considering Ubiminds as your next employer? Truth be told, software engineers (and every other tech specialist) are constantly harassed by multiple HRs. So here are 3 reasons why you and your friends becoming Ubiminders is a good idea. Bruno Bruggemann, Lead Mobile Engineer. Erik Vinicius Gomes Almeida, Senior Software Engineer. Maianne da Silva Ribeiro, Software Engineer. Three Ubiminders working remotely for American companies from Brazil. Find out why you should join them, and how to go about it.

#1 Team spirit

Maianne da Silva Ribeiro

Maianne da Silva Ribeiro

Working remotely as a freelancer is one thing. Being part of a distributed team is a whole other deal. Yes, Ubiminders work from Brazil, either from our headquarters in Florianópolis, from coworking spaces around the country, or from home. But still, they are far more immersed in client companies than any other outsourcing company.

That’s because Ubiminds’ model of nearshore outsourcing is pretty much BPO-based. If the term is new to you, know it stands for Business Process Outsourcing. In practice, it means that we take over personnel and Human Resources activities for our client companies… yet, product development (aka their core business) remains firmly in their hands.

For instance, my previous experience, that we had a middleman. We had a person that would speak to the other company, and bring us the features and needs that they had, so that we would work on them. At Ubiminds, it’s been a great experience because we’ve been working with so many different people at a company where we actually feel like we belong. It’s awesome! – Erik

In the true spirit of #OneTeam, there is no middle management. Software developers hired by Ubiminds are fully placed in foreign teams. When you become an Ubiminder, you answer directly to client product leadership, take part in all their routines. That’s why it pays off: you experience the American business culture firsthand, with no filters. 

I would say that the thing that makes the biggest difference for me is that we are one team. The place is nice, the people are nice, it’s a great environment for working. There is a big network of support. We are never alone and we always have someone to count on. There’s no split between us, we are all in the same boat, working together, and no-one is going to leave you to drown. – Maianne 

#2 Focus on value delivery

Bruno Bruggemann

Bruno Bruggemann

We only do HR and partner up with product-based companies, not for temporary projects. We do this because we believe in mission-based work: everything Ubiminders do has a purpose. 

If you become an Ubiminder, you will be surrounded by top performers and all the accountability and freedom that comes with it. After all, there is no room for micromanagement in distributed teamwork. You do what you do best – build great software – and we take care of the distractions. Travel arrangements, billing, equipment… you name it! 

It’s completely different. My goal is to deliver the best that I can. Ubiminds facilitates a lot my day by day, I don’t need to worry about anything. I don’t need to worry about visas, equipment, travel, anything. They take care of everything for me. – Bruno

Ubiminds provides the means for high-quality service delivery. Doing your best and being empowered to do so is truly gratifying!

The key factor is communication. You need to communicate often and effectively, because if there’s something that you need from someone else and they don’t know, they can’t see you. It’s very easy to talk with people to get either more tools for your job, or any kind of amenities that you need, so that’s quite helpful. – Maianne

#3 Career growth

Erik Vinicius Gomes Almeida

Erik Gomes Almeida

What happens when you perform constantly and consistently? The same would happen to your American counterparts: you get promoted. As part of its BPO service, Ubiminds and the client discuss and negotiate a better position and the payment that comes along with it. We always have your best interest in mind.

We attend the same meetings as everyone else, we have one-on-ones, we fill the same career ladder with the same rubric as full-time employees. They’ll want you to grow, they’ll want you to continue to participate in the company. Something that happened to me was that when I had enough “greens” on my career ladder, I was promoted. – Erik

So what makes people leave Ubiminds? Opportunities to move abroad. So far, our career ladder has only been surpassed by those that have replaced remote work outside Latin America, in colocated positions in the US or Germany. Foreign recruiting firms and teams recognize Ubiminds for what it is – a talent powerhouse! And that is a great bonus for all ubiminders.

For the past ten years, I’ve been working with American companies, and so far this has been the most amazing experience I have ever had. There was a big surprise to me: I was promoted to Lead Engineer. In a client! I’m now leading a team of five people, in the US and here in Brazil. – Bruno

Become an Ubiminder yourself

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