Ever feel overwhelmed by the task of scaling your software development team? Finding the right talent can be a struggle. Scale your software development team with Ubiminds, a trusted nearshore partner for high-performing teams. We leverage our expertise in tech talent acquisition and a deep understanding of the Latin American talent pool to deliver cost-effective solutions. Ubiminds’ collaborative approach fosters seamless communication and cultural fit, ensuring successful project outcomes and long-term team success.

Beyond the Buzz: Accolades that Drive Innovation


Awards are a nice recognition, but for Ubiminds, the true value lies in the insights and collaboration they inspire. Each accolade fuels our commitment to continuously improve and deliver exceptional tech recruiting and development solutions for our clients.

These awards motivate us to continuously improve and deliver exceptional results for our clients.  We expand our expertise in:

  • Tech Talent Acquisition: Our expertise in sourcing and delivering top tech talent from Latin America to American SaaS companies.
  • AI Strategy & Maturation: Providing cutting-edge consulting services to help companies use AI effectively.
  • Software Development Outsourcing: Building high-performing remote software teams in Latin America.

These accolades are a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team, but more importantly, the impact we have on our clients’ success.

Ubiminds fosters connections between companies and Latin American software engineers, ensuring cultural fit, seamless collaboration, and happy, productive teams that deliver exceptional results.

Connecting Tech Talent for Unmatched Results


All great companies and organizations have one thing in common; a great group of people supporting and working for them. Having experienced professionals behind your business can enhance your operations and efficiency. A great HR Consultancy knows how to help you recruit the best talent for your needs.

At Ubiminds, we’ve established a strong track record for connecting top nearshore software engineers across Latin America and the US, fostering collaboration and mentorship. Our commitment to hiring software engineers in Latin America and curating nearshore talent has enabled us to consistently deliver high-performance teams that drive success for our clients.

Our nearshore software development services enable you to hire software engineers in Brazil and across Latin America, ensuring seamless integration and performance. At first glance, this means tech recruiting and running HR routines for customers. Yet, a closer look reveals we have built a strong IT and Engineering community. Both in Brazil and the US, we unite top professionals for skill sharing and career mentoring.

Ubiminds has consistently received positive feedback from the Product and Engineering teams as well as the engineers themselves. In fact, you can check their stories first-hand, here:

Still, we are grateful and honored to be publicly awarded by a prestigious entity. Making quality hires is more than something we strive for – it is part of our DNA.

3 Recent Awards Highlighting Our Expertise

project management

Ubiminds is proud to be recognized across multiple categories in 2024, showcasing our dedication to various aspects of software development.

#1 Clutch Leader Awards 2024

AI Expertise Honored

Our AI expertise is recognized by Clutch, highlighting our ability to provide cutting-edge AI development and consulting services. This distinction highlights our commitment to:

  • AI Strategy Development: We help companies develop winning AI strategies that align with their business goals.
  • AI Outsourcing and Maturation: Our expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate AI development into your existing processes and accelerate your journey towards AI maturity.

Our AI development and consulting services are designed to help you achieve digital transformation and meet your business goals. Unlock the power of AI with our award-winning team. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from AI development to data science consulting, machine learning operations, and computer vision implementation. We help you apply AI to create cutting-edge software solutions that drive business growth.

Top Recognition in Multiple Categories

Being recognized as a Top Company by Clutch in four key categories validates our expertise in several areas crucial for software development success:

  • Human Resources: This award highlights our commitment to building and managing high-performing nearshore software development teams. Our staff augmentation in LatAm has been acknowledged for seamlessly integrating top talent into existing teams.
  • Staff Augmentation: Our ability to seamlessly integrate top talent from Latin America into your existing team is recognized by Clutch.
  • Education Software Developers: We understand the specific needs of education software development projects and have the talent to deliver exceptional results.
  • Medical Software Developers: Our expertise extends to the critical field of medical software development, ensuring compliance and quality.

#2 Corporate Vision Magazine’s 2024 HR and Employment Awards

Ubiminds was awarded Tech Talent Acquisition Specialists of the Year (Brazil). Ubiminds was recognized for its expertise in finding top software engineers in LatAm who perfectly match the needs of our US clients. This allows companies to build high-performing, culturally aligned teams that drive innovation.

Our commitment to solving CTO challenges in scaling teams is driven by our founder, Paulo Ross. 

“As a former CTO myself, I too used to struggle in scaling product engineering teams. We had to either waste time in endless recruiting processes or settle for software development contractors that weren’t fully committed to our specific goals. It is exciting to see Ubiminds support CTOs succeed at building distributed teams the smart way. More so, to be recognized for it.”  – Paulo Ross, Ubiminds Chief Executive Officer

#3 Great Place to Work® (GPTW) Brazil 2023

Being ranked among the Top 10 Small Businesses in GPTW Brazil 2023 is a testament to our commitment to building a positive and supportive work environment. Notably, our employees rate Ubiminds 100/100 for credibility, respect, and fairness – exceeding the industry benchmark of 89/100. 

Additionally, Ubiminds ranked 9th in Santa Catarina State and 70th in all of Brazil by GPTW. This recognition reflects our dedication to creating a supportive work environment that attracts and retains top software engineers, enhancing team performance and client satisfaction.

The Power of Social Proof: Hear from Satisfied Clients

team members

They our ability to deliver high-performing remote teams and nearshore software development solutions.

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our satisfied clients have to say about their experiences with Ubiminds.


Independent Reviews

Clutch and The Manifest are trusted platforms where journalists conduct phone interviews to verify client testimonials, ensuring their authenticity.

Real User Ratings

Goodfirms and G2 allow users to leave honest reviews with star ratings across different categories, giving you a well-rounded picture of our services.

Focus on Quality

Glassdoor lets tech professionals rate Ubiminds as an employer. Their satisfaction translates to better service for you, as motivated teams experience lower attrition.

Dive Deeper: Our Comprehensive Service Lines


Ubiminds doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Each recruitment process is meticulously customized to align with our client’s specific needs and goals. This tailored method not only ensures successful talent acquisitions but also significantly reduces attrition rates, fostering a high-performing nearshore software engineering team.

Ubiminds offers a suite of services to cater to your specific software development needs:

  • Nearshore Staff Augmentation in Latin America: Expand your talent pool and reduce costs by hiring top engineers from Latin America. We handle all the complexities of nearshore hiring, allowing you to focus on building your dream team.
  • Artificial Intelligence Strategy Consulting, Outsourcing, and Maturation: Implement a winning AI strategy, apply our AI expertise, and accelerate your AI development. Our services go beyond just outsourcing – we provide a comprehensive approach to guide you through the entire AI journey.
  • Software Development Outsourcing: Build high-performing software teams with experienced engineers in Latin America, seamlessly integrated with your existing development process. Our focus on clear communication and collaboration ensures successful project outcomes.

Here, no two job positions are treated the same. For each new role, we establish specific tech recruiting tactics and techniques. We also provide technical knowledge for IT recruiters and are more than willing to collaborate with your internal team, sharing tech recruiting service tips and know-how.

This allows us to meet the specific needs and goals of each product or engineering team. Thus, the company is able to consistently deliver successful talent. An added bonus is that this keeps attrition rates at much more attractive levels than those of other service providers.

Ready to Build Your Dream Tech Team?


Ubiminds is your award-winning partner for building high-performing software teams.  Hire software developers in LATAM with our expertise in nearshore software development.  Contact us today and let’s transform your business goals into reality! 

“Bringing in high-performance engineers to collaborate in real-time with innovative teams is an awesome thing to be part of. On the one side, we go nearshore to expand talent pools and offer attractive rates. Yet, at the same time, we extend meaningful career advancements to engineers. Win-win relations, always!”  – Scheila Farias, B2B Marketing Lead

Humanized Expertise: Building Teams Beyond Resumes

At Ubiminds, we go beyond simply filling roles, ensuring a perfect cultural fit and long-term success for your team. Our human-centered talent acquisition goes beyond resumes, and our hiring process is designed to ensure a perfect cultural fit and long-term success.

We understand the LatAm tech landscape and source highly skilled engineers who are passionate about innovation and eager to contribute to your vision.

Unlocking the Power of AI: A Comprehensive Approach

Ubiminds is your one-stop shop for all your AI needs. We offer a comprehensive suite of AI services to help you make use of this powerful technology effectively:

  • AI Product Strategy Development: Our team of AI experts will work with you to define a winning AI strategy that aligns with your business goals and user needs.
  • AI Development and Implementation: We have the expertise to seamlessly integrate AI functionalities into your software products, empowering them with cutting-edge capabilities.
  • AI Maturation: Our ongoing support ensures your AI implementation continues to evolve and deliver value as your business grows.

The Nearshore Advantage: Cost-Effective & Seamless Collaboration

Ubiminds accesses the nearshore talent pool of Latin America to provide you with cost-effective solutions for building high-performing software teams. Here’s how nearshore collaboration offers a winning combination:

Cost Savings:

  • Hire software engineers in Brazil or LatAm and gain access to a talent pool with competitive rates, reducing your overall project costs.
  • Staff augmentation allows you to seamlessly integrate skilled engineers into your existing team, filling specific needs and boosting software team performance.
  • Reduced overhead costs associated with in-house staffing.

Seamless Collaboration:

  • Overlapping time zones enabling real-time communication and faster response times.
  • Cultural similarities leading to smoother communication and fewer misunderstandings.
  • Streamlined project management due to geographical proximity.
  • Increased agility and faster project completion due to efficient collaboration.

Build high-performing nearshore teams in LatAm with Ubiminds. Empower your team to achieve business goals. Contact us today!



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