Finding world-class software experts at reasonable rates is probably one of the top three dreams of any tech leader. Which leader doesn’t want soft-skilled, reliable, top performers, right? These qualities on their own are reasons enough for you to never lower your bar, even when time is of the essence. 

However, we know it’s not all that easy to balance everything. The hurry of your daily routine, the dedication to the employees you already have, and sometimes even the lack of communication with your RH may come ahead of new – and incredible – new hires. 

So, how to find the world-class software experts that you’ve been pursuing so long, but fast, easy, and with no bureaucracy? We’ll show you if you keep on reading! 

Your options once the time comes to hire world-class software experts 

In the past, the possibility of hiring locally was more plausible. But, with the pandemic spreading all over the world and no dates to normality comeback, distributed work became essential. 

The key point here is that local talent pools are drying up. IT is a new industry and there are a limited amount of professionals available in local markets. So, the alternative becomes going elsewhere to find them. That way you don’t have to lower your standards.

However, the plus side is that now everyone is remote, so fit doesn’t matter if people are two blocks or 300 miles away. As long as there’s good internet, they can work for you.

This all means you can expand your talent pool and reach people that would otherwise be inaccessible to you. Relocation is expensive, and some people just aren’t willing to pick up their stuff and move to a new town for a job. The new setting benefits both parties.

Whether you’re hiring locally (but with remote collaboration) or outsourcing a contractor – nearshore or overseas – one thing is right: we probably won’t be able to work closely with each other anytime soon. 

That said, let’s dive into the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing a contractor from nearshore or overseas, compared to hiring locally. 

Outsourcing a contractor: nearshore vs. overseas

When it comes to outsourcing a contractor, there’s the option of hiring from overseas or nearshore. The latter one, in case you’re not familiar with the term, means outsource a contractor and hire from the same – or nearly the same – timezone. 

The costs of hiring overseas may be cheaper, but nearshoring gives you the opportunity of having your local team working at the same time as the distributed one – and still at reasonable prices, 40-50% lower than US rates. In other words, you’ll have a synced, similar work culture. 

And there’s more: no office distractions. This might sound silly, but we actually have studies confirming that people are more productive when working from home. On the other hand, without a balance, this could easily affect your employees emotionally

By living and having your company in the USA, you can easily nearshore from Latin America. Especially from Brazil, a country that has as many unicorns as the US and whose tech talent pool is getting bigger by the day with world-class software experts. 

Worried about payrolls, legal and fiscal requirements? A partner like Ubiminds can take care of all of these for you. Considering we’d be an extension of your HR, we can save you time and money by dealing with this stuff.  Our fee also covers equipment, salaries on top, and whatever employees need. 

This all means you can grow and upskill your digital product team on expertise, not zip codes.  

You and your team should be focusing on product development, not hiring processes. That’s what you’re best at and where you deliver the most value. That said, a partner like Ubiminds can spare you up to 75% of the work.

But don’t take just our word at that! Check out the numbers by downloading our calculator based on hiring internally versus hiring through Ubiminds. It’s free! 

Hiring locally

By hiring locally you have the benefit of engaging on a daily basis with your employees, face to face. (Let’s picture a “new normal” for when Covid-19 goes away). They’re full time with you, breathing and living the company you idealized. Is more unlikely for them to bail on you than a freelancer, for example. 

Also, there’s the factor that, since they’re sitting next to you, these talents can know what’s going on all the time and easily change directions in case of any problem. Local hires also have a global vision of the office, by being in contact with departments such as Sales and Marketing and having valuable insights. 

The most important part, though, is the “sense of belonging”. Your own employees believe in your mission and find a sense of purpose in what they do, while contractors are in there short-term, only for the revenue.

Nevertheless, having outsiders can also be valuable, considering you can be so absorbed with tasks and concerns to have a clear vision of the direction your company is taking. 

Apart from these topics, hiring locally also implies an RH fully prepared to verify tech skill level, a lot of interviews, and attention to the cultural match. This all means, basic, a lot of time for finding world-class software experts. 

Think about it: HRs are usually generalists, having to hire from accountants to marketers, to engineers. Isn’t it better to have tech specialists evaluating who should join your digital product team?

Here at Ubiminds we hunt, screen, and filter more than 200 candidates for your company, sending in only the top 1 or 2% of it for being interviewed by your leaders. 

How to find a middle ground, then?

Well, that’s why we’re here! Ubiminds is the key talent acquisition partner for companies looking to build or grow unique digital products. As the industry leader for nearshore distributed teams, we secure you the world-class software experts you’ve been dreaming of

Ubiminds provides a white-glove service that takes care to save companies time and money and emphasizes cultural fit as well as the expertise of talent to help deliver on their product vision. Additionally, our #OneTeam approach means Ubiminders act just like full-time-employees, embedded in your team and processes

Furthermore, take a look at the perks of hiring with Ubiminds and from Brazil, the 6th largest IT market in the world:

  • Thriving talent pools. Reach best-in-class engineers in untapped markets, with awesome cultural fit.
  • Agreeable time zones. Leave crazy schedules behind. Ubiminders take part in the same rituals as your team and fully collaborate, in real-time.
  • Your own LatAm office. get equipment, payroll processing, concierge services, and support to employee retention. All included. No extra.
  • The largest population of Java developers in the world;
  • 4th position in top front-end developers;
  • 2nd for legacy systems and enterprise development (after the US) in mainframe developers.

Also, this is how Ubiminds supports you in nearshoring full-time engineers:

In case you got interested in our methods for finding world-class software experts for you, please feel free to fill the form below. We’ll get in touch asap!


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