Earlier this year we wrote about how companies can hire Brazilian software engineers for their teams and projects. Now we’re going to explore why you should hire Brazilian software engineers.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll primarily be using our most recent Clutch reviews as evidence for our claims. This is because everything we put here won’t be coming from us but from the people who wanted to hire software engineers from Brazil in the first place. These are their reasons and hopefully, their experience will convince you to do the same.

Close to Home

This may only apply to companies based in the Americas, but there are a lot of them so we are still casting a wide net for this reason.

While talent can be found anywhere in the world, there’s still a powerful advantage when the people you’re routinely working with are in the same time zone. There’s no need for calculations, long wait times, or extra consideration for people working strange shifts. This is basically the root issue for a tech company we’ve been working with for some time.

This company already had teams working in both Asia and Europe but still required people who could work in a timezone closer to the United States. Availability is always going to be a big issue for teams working across the globe, so having some of the best developers closer to home can act as a safety net when something urgent comes up.

Unfortunately, the project that this company was working on was put on hiatus. But they still appreciated the convenience we provided in our review.

VP of Engineering review: Though the project was brought to a halt before Ubiminds could finish the staffing process, their work contributed significantly to the hiring of high-quality engineers. The team was highly efficient and collaborative. They approached the recruitment work with the same mindset as the client.

Growing Horizontally

Most people have a fixed idea of what company growth should look like and are completely unaware of what scaling can look like. Horizontal growth is a real thing, which means a company is offering a variety of related services rather than specializing in a chosen few.

There’s nothing wrong with growing that way, however, it requires a different kind of organizational structure to become tenable. Too many services and channels can spread any team thin, negatively impacting both productivity and morale.

This is what our next client was experiencing with their operations, and were quickly burning out their team in the process. They needed us to quickly fill leadership positions that could take on individual channels and steer them in the right direction.

Fortunately, we were able to find the people they were looking for and quickly eased the burden off the original team.

CTO review: “Stakeholders are happy with the recruits, who perform their roles effectively. The head of mobile engineering has changed the way the company’s internal team operates, providing great oversight and leadership. Overall, the Ubiminds team has filled these roles well, which the client appreciates.”

In both these examples, Ubiminds goes further to ensure a complete experience for the employer and the software engineer who will be part of a distributed team. If you want to learn more about how we accomplish our results, talk to us today. 


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