Growing tech teams is already a hard job on its own, but doing it while a pandemic is happening is uncharted territory. Ubiminds’ unique talent framework helps you hassle less, spend less, and profit more. Read on to find out how our IT staff augmentation can boost your digital product team.

What your company wants vs. what your company needs

Let me guess: your company needs qualified candidates, fast, and the less you worry, the better, right? You want someone hands-on to help you out and shorten the time to fill, and this is when you decide to hire more people for HR. But quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality.

HR covers a lot of ground, so it’s only a matter of time until your new employee has to compromise work quality to embrace all they need to do.

The bottom line, you hired someone to help you get the tech talent you need, but their efforts end up going somewhere else. Wouldn’t it be better to hire a contractor who’ll do that for you at a much lower rate? This is where Ubiminds’ unique talent framework comes in.

Different ways to search for unique talent framework

Our company’s unique talent framework comes in the form of highly skilled professionals who are experts in recruiting. Sure, you can hire internally through HR, but they probably have a lot on their plate already. Instead of spending time and money to find a nice addition to your HR team, you could simply have someone else do the work for you.

Allow me to illustrate.

By expanding your HR, you’re:

  • Spending time and money resources that could be directed somewhere else, therefore not getting as big an ROI you could get;
  • Letting good candidates for your product teams slip by HR’s hands since they’re either (a) too busy to focus 100% on sourcing/vetting or (b) not as fluent on tech skill lingo.

On the other hand, by partnering with Ubiminds, you’re:

  • Being able to spend time on other tasks;
  • Having a team of expert recruiters whose expertise is filling exotic job positions;
  • Getting a rigorous sourcing and vetting process to make sure only the best candidates will be sent to you.

Ubiminds’ unique talent framework might be what you’re looking for. Find out what’s best for you. Book a quick chat with us.


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