The healthtech industry is pulsating with innovation, constantly developing new solutions to revolutionize healthcare. For healthcare professionals and tech enthusiasts alike, staying informed about these advancements is crucial. Healthtech events such as healthcare technology conferences provide a valuable platform to connect with peers, learn about cutting-edge trends, and propel progress in the healthtech landscape. Let’s explore some of the must-attend healthtech events and medical technology meetups in 2024 and 2025!

2024 Healthtech Events for Charting the Course

Since most healthtech conferences occur in the earlier part of the year, there aren’t many options left for 2024. Most are international:

Machine Learning for Healthcare

While not technically in the US, this conference and hackathon might be of interest if you’re focused on the intersection of machine learning and healthcare.


This healthcare IT powerhouse conference (dates vary) gathers industry leaders across the globe. Explore the latest health information technology solutions, attend insightful sessions, and network with professionals shaping the future of healthcare IT. Check the website for upcoming events near you! Info on next edition:

Digital Health Summit

This dynamic series of events (dates vary) explores the ever-evolving world of digital health. Choose from a variety of conferences across the US, focusing on specific areas like telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and digital therapeutics.

Healthtech Horizons: Exploring the Future in 2025

Here are some possibilities for 2025 that you can consider including for future reference:

CES (Las Vegas, NV)

This massive consumer electronics show isn’t just about TVs and smartphones anymore. Many healthtech startups showcase innovative solutions at CES, making it a great place to discover the future of healthcare technology. CES is a consumer electronics show features innovative health tech solutions alongside the latest gadgets.

JPMP Health Care Conference (San Francisco, CA)

Dive into the world of healthcare finance at the J.P. Morgan Health Care Conference. This San Francisco event brings together leading investors, biotech and pharmaceutical executives, and healthcare providers to discuss the latest trends and innovations impacting healthcare finance.

Biotech Showcase

Connect with leading biotech investors and discover groundbreaking life science technologies at the Biotech Showcase (January 13-15, 2025) in San Francisco. This event offers a glimpse into the future of healthcare, featuring presentations from promising biotech companies.

Healthcare Design Expo

This expo focuses on the intersection of design and healthcare. Explore innovative healthcare facility designs, learn about the latest technologies improving patient experience, and connect with industry leaders who are shaping the future of healthcare environments.

Safe Travels!

Remember: This list is just a starting point! There are plenty of healthtech events aligning with your business and career goals. Stay curious, network strategically, and be a part of shaping the future of healthtech! Don’t forget to also look for webinars or online conferences focused on healthtech topics that might interest you.


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