Ubiminds is proud to have amazing team members. Smart, collaborative people who are business-savvy and have the grit to get things done. True to our #PeopleFirst and #OneTeam mindset, we’d like to celebrate them. Also, we want to provide you with contact information in case you’d like to know more about our business, processes, and people. Enjoy!

Paulo Ross, CEO

Paulo is a middle-aged man with greyish hair. He's wearing a black t-shirt that reads "distributed teams, close collanoration"

Eternal software developer, entrepreneur, people-person, and dad. Has the personal mission of empowering people and teams to grow and deliver value. 

After leading dozens of SaaS projects and building up different startups as CTO, Paulo considers himself proud to say that Ubiminds:

  • Helps businesses find the right people to build better products; and
  • Provides engineers with international career growth opportunities in top tech companies.

More on this here and here. Consider him your go-to person on topics related to strategic planning, product development, and Brazilian market insights. You can reach Paulo on his LinkedIn profile.

Scheila Farias, Head of Business Generation

Scheila is a middle-aged woman with pixie hair, wearing a beige blouse with pink and red flowersBig fan of motherhood, music, marketing, and backpacking. A little bit of a nerd, too! Excited to help North American companies build nearshore teams in Brazil. 

Reach out to her on LinkedIn, schedule a quick call directly on her calendar, or email at scheila@ubiminds.com. She’s more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have on:

  • Brazilian talent pool;
  • Labor and employment standards;
  • Intellectual Property and Data Security warranties.

Chat with her and find out how Ubiminds became the go-to firm for nearshore staff augmentation and employer-of-record services in tech.

Aline Araújo, Tech Recruitment Leader

Aline has long, straight, auburn hair and is wearing an orange tank-topHuge Friends and MMA fan (talk about diverse interests!), caring aunt, and a friend for the ages. She brings in smart recruiting strategies for sourcing and vetting. Then blends it with Agile practices and a data-driven mindset. And that’s just a part of it!

Software Engineers and Architects, Quality Analysts, DevOps and Security Engineers: looking for remote work? Contact her here, or email at aline@ubiminds.com. We are hiring Brazilian technology pros for US-based companies. 

Danielle da Silva, Tech Recruitment Leader

An avid reader and very much into series. Dani is fully focused on customers’ success and value delivery. Rely on her to reel in hard-to-find profiles, and to problem-solve to get companies and engineers on the same page, asap.

Talk to Danielle or write her at danielle@ubiminds.com to get new insights on your recruitment strategy. From how to boost talent attraction and conversion, to how to motivate and engage team members to keep attrition under control.

Still not sure who to ping at Ubiminds?

Send us a message on the form below, and we’ll route it to the best point of contact for your specific need. 


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