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Senior Python Engineer (Python, Docker) (220)

Info on the Senior Python Engineer role

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Ubiminds is a GPTW certified, people first company that partners with American software product companies to scale their development footprint. Ubi custom-curates Brazilian top 5% talent for their LATAM strategy, offering a unique combo of staff augmentation and employer-of-record services.

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Perks and Benefits

As a Backend Developer @Ubiminds, you will:

  • Be placed in a product-based company, with the same treatment as their full-time employees.
  • Have our full back-office support, from career guidance to HR and concierge services.
  • Enjoy a remote-first policy – we are a distributed team, after all.
  • Get your own MacBook (none of that bring your own device stuff here).
  • Have access to growth opportunities with other amazing technology professionals, counting with tech talks, chapter meetings, and even remote happy hours for tons of fun!
  • Improve your English through free lessons with a native English speaker - get to the next level on your communication skills!


Being part of a team responsible for end-to-end development, taking care of all aspects involving the SDLC, such as architecture, design system, code deploys, monitoring and quality.

What you’ll do as a Senior Python Engineer

  • You will produce well-constructed, intelligently tested packages, ideally constructed in ways others can re-leverage.
  • You will deploy and maintain RESTful APIs
  • You will ideate new, better ways to improve DevOps
  • You will be working on a cloud-native project and will be expected to develop accordingly
  • You will be expected to learn to create and manage your own Docker image
  • You will be working on both sides of the application

About Ubiminds

Our Culture

In order to succeed in this position, you will need

Mandatory skills

  • Advanced/fluent English skills – Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong experience with Python and its frameworks
  • Previous experience working with APIs to successfully deliver business value to the enterprise
  • Knowledge of DevOps, AWS, Docker and CI/CD environments 
  • Previous experience with Datadog for telemetry


  • Previous experience using HTML and CSS, and how these can come together with python to generate a dynamic frontend.

Non-technical skills:

  • Self-starter
  • Ownership of the projects which you are involved
  • Mentoring skills

How our process works

  • 1. Screening (quick talk about both of us - you and Ubi) 
  • 2. Interview with Tech Recruiter (chat about the job opening and your experiences)
  • 3. Client process (this may vary)
  • 4. Offer (yay)

Job summary.

  • start date 06/06/2022
  • end date 06/08/2022
  • timezone Eastern Standard (GMT-4)


api aws ci/cd docker python


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