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The Ultimate Guide to Distributed Teams for Software Development: how to manage and scale

What is your opinion on co-located work? For many tech companies, it’s becoming a distant memory. After all, they discovered the wonders of remote work decades ago. For those who build digital products, Distributed Teams are the way to go. Distributed teams are becoming the norm. They (a) reduce costs, and (b) give access to […]

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Pros and Cons of nearshoring software development: everything you need to know before deciding for or against staff augmentation

Scaling your IT team without losing efficiency and productivity during the process is a hard challenge to equalize. Considering the high salary of a good developer in the USA, and the time it takes to find this guy, it’s almost impossible to hire great talents with affordable prices. But there is a practical solution called […]

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Moving forward: how Directors of Product and Engineering, CPOs, CTOs, and CIOs decide on career changes

It might seem that career changes for IT professionals are easier. After all, these become sought-after professionals very early on. However, when it comes to higher levels of the organizational chart, decisions on switching positions become much more critical to professionals and companies. We interviewed Aunt Bertha‘s Senior Director of Engineering, Tommy Morgan, to understand what drives moves. A seasoned […]

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