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Senior Full Stack Engineer at NEOGOV (Java/React) (230)

Info on the Senior Full Stack Engineer role

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We are looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer to join NEOGOV’s team. They are the leading provider of an integrated HR, payroll, talent management and policy and compliance management solution for the public sector. NEOGOV is creating a labs group to rapidly iterate and build new products for Public Safety (Law Enforcement, 911, Fire/EMS) customers.

What you’ll do as a Senior Full Stack Engineer

Expect to work on building 3-4 new products a year. They will lay foundational platform elements along the way while staying mission oriented on quickly delivering new products to the market to test and iterate. Their technology stack (both the main platform and related stand alone projects)will be deployed via Amazon ECS and is primarily MySQL/PostGres, Spring Boot, and React supported by Terraform, Liquibase, JUnit, Jmeter, GitHub Actions, etc.


We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join NEOGOV’s driven team and accelerate their product roadmap. This person will be the first to join and work closely with the executive group starting the labs group to build the first product. You should be comfortable working full stack and building products from scratch.

In order to succeed in this position, you will need

Mandatory skills

  • Extensive software development experience
  • Solid experience using Java
  • Solid experience using Javascript/React
  • Experienced with both relational (MySQL) and NoSQL data structures
  • Experience with cloud architecture and technologies, in particular, Amazon Web Services
  • Knowledgeable with version control systems (Git) and issue tracking tools (JIRA)
  • Experience with CD/CI and related tools (CircelCI, etc.)
  • Solid foundation in data structures, algorithms, and architecture patterns
  • Ability to define solutions, provide estimates on effort and risk, and evaluate technical feasibility
  • Proficient with modern build strategies, continuous integration, unit testing, static analysis, and automated integration tests


  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, etc)

Non-technical skills

  • Proven track record of solving problems and getting things done in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment
  • A good attitude and ability to have some fun
  • Excellent communication skills

About Ubiminds

Our Culture

Perks and Benefits

As Senior Full Stack Engineer @Ubiminds, you:

  • Be placed in a product-based company, with the same treatment as their full-time employees.
  • Have our full back-office support, from career guidance to HR and concierge services.
  • Enjoy our remote-first policy – we are a distributed team, after all.
  • Get your own MacBook (none of that "bring your own device" stuff here).
  • Have access to growth opportunities with other amazing technology professionals, through tech talks, chapter meetings, and even remote happy hours for tons of fun!
  • Improve your English through free lessons with a native English speaker - get to the next level on your communication skills!
  • Candidate Referral bonus (promote Ubi to your tech friends, and get paid for it!)
  • Miss working in the office? Our cool Florianópolis headquarters is available, whenever you want, with weekly quick massages & tasty snacks, soft drinks, and games

How our process works

  • 1. Interview with Tech Recruiter (chat about the job opening and your experiences)
  • 2. Client process (this may vary)
  • 3. Offer (yay)

Job summary.

  • start date 02/08/2022
  • end date 02/09/2022
  • timezone Eastern Standard (GMT-4)


java javascript react


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