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Senior Frontend Engineer – Join our Talent Community

We’re looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer to join our stellar team. Our positions are 100% remote, working with teams mainly based in the United States.

What you’ll do

  • Work in a multidisciplinary team combining the art of design with the art of programming;
  • Work closely with other teams to help decide which features to build and how to build them;
  • Ensure the design translates the values ​​and needs of the company;
  • Deliver clean code;

In order to succeed in this position, you will need

  • Advanced/fluent conversational English skills;
  • Strong frontend development skills;
  • Strong experience with React.js, Vue.js or Angular;
  • Be comfortable coding in Node.js, if needed;
  • Experience with different unit testing frameworks;
  • Experience with Typescript is a plus;
  • Experience with backend programming languages such as PHP, Python, Java, Ruby or Go is a plus;
  • Experience with mobile is a plus;
  • Good practices such as TDD or BDD are a plus.

Job summary.

  • start date Permanently open
  • end date Updated quarterly
  • timezone Pacific Time (GMT-7) to Eastern Time (GMT-4)


Angular css html javascript nodejs react typescript unit testing VUE .JS


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