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Senior Backend Engineer at Disco (173)

Ubiminds is supporting DISCO to scale its team in Brazil. We are looking for engineers that understand that great products need great architecture.

Join DISCO and help to revolutionize the practice of law.

Info on the Senior Backend Engineer role

DISCO provides a cloud-native, artificial intelligence-powered legal solution that simplifies e-discovery, legal document review and case management for enterprises, law firms, legal services providers, and governments. Their scalable, integrated solution enables legal departments to easily collect, process and review enterprise data that is relevant or potentially relevant to legal matters. 

Being part of the team, you will build high-quality software delivering feature sets that delight customers while driving the architecture of one or more Subsystems towards our aspirational goal of everything ‘well-crafted’. 

Perks and Benefits

As a Senior Backend Engineer @Ubiminds, you:

  • Are placed in a product-based company, with the same treatment as their full-time employees.
  • Have our full back-office support, from career guidance to HR and concierge services.
  • Choose to work remotely or at our office – we are a distributed team, after all.
  • Get your own MacBook (none of that BYOD stuff here).
  • Have access to opportunities for growth with other amazing technology professionals, counting with tech talks, chapter meetings, and even remote happy hours for tons of fun!
  • Improve your English through free lessons with a native American teacher - get to the next level on your communication skills!
  • Have the chance to meet up with us every so often at our HQ in Florianópolis
  • Receive financial support to take part in conferences, meetups, and relevant events


To deliver real customer value while pursuing ‘high marks’ on these Architecture Quality Attributes: Availability, Scalability, Interoperability, Modifiability, Performance, Security, Testability.

What you’ll do as a Senior Backend Engineer 

  • Be part of an autonomous, cross-functional team designing, building, and operating strategic, user-focused feature sets.
  • Creating services that enable users to build complex search queries that remain responsive while spanning terabytes of data.
  • Building containerized web application services in Python that empower users to work on large data sets in a responsive manner.

In order to succeed in this position, you will need

Cultural add

  • People First. We are all about people!
  • Challenge yourself. There’s always room for improvement and continuous improvement is in our essence.
  • Make it happen. Be ready to take challenges as they come. It’s all about attitude and commitment. 
  • We’re in this together. We work as a team, we thrive as a team and we evolve as a team.
  • Averaging on awesome. We work hard to deliver high-quality services and look forward to exceeding expectations. 
  • Keep it real. We promise you honesty, transparency, and openness, regardless of the situation.

Mandatory skills

  • Advanced/fluent English skills – Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Previous experience designing and communicating external and internal architectural perspectives of well-encapsulated systems (e.g. Service Oriented Architecture, Docker-based Services, micro-services)
  • Experience with building and operating distributed web application systems while embracing the discipline of Site Reliability Engineering
  • Strong in API and Data Model Design and Implementation including how to scale out, make highly available, and map to storage systems


  • Understanding of how to design and develop from a Security Perspective
  • Experience designing and operating software in a Cloud Provider such as AWS, Azure, or GCP
  • Experience with some amount of cloud-based data storage technologies such as; Relational Databases, NoSql Stores, data caches, etc.
  • You have experience with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) with an emphasis on a well-maintained testing pyramid.

Non-technical skills:

  • Being critical but ready to go with a consensus decision
  • Being analytical, understanding a space before arbitrarily diving in
  • Practical and cooperative
  • Eager to grow

Job summary.

  • start date 05/11/2021
  • end date 05/12/2021
  • timezone Eastern Time Zone (GMT-4)


api Data Model Design microservices Service Oriented Architecture SRE


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