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Quality Engineer at Try Your Best (247)

Info on the Quality Engineer role

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Ubiminds is a GPTW certified, people first company that partners with American software product companies to scale their development footprint. Ubi custom-curates Brazilian top 5% talent for their LATAM strategy, offering a unique combo of staff augmentation and employer-of-record services.

Ubiminds is assisting Try Your Best, an e-commerce and blockchain startup in California to grow its engineering team. The founders are experienced entrepreneurs and come from a successful track record in the technology industry.

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What you’ll do

You will work to ensure quality on a product which consists of building a digital ecosystem of brand communities. You will be focused on communicating with product stakeholders, understanding product requirements, their acceptance criteria, and setting up the entire testing process, defining and executing test plans and test cases.


Try Your Best’s SaaS application will allow retail brands to engage customer feedback, track user-generated content, build early champions and coordinate product sample distribution. As their Quality Engineer, you will be responsible for creating testing processes and documentation, to ensure the end product is delivered, fully tested and functioning, to Try Your Best’s users.

In order to succeed in this position, you will need

Mandatory skills

  • Previous experience as a Quality Engineer
  • Experience developing test plans, assessing risk, filing appropriate defects, and providing relevant data for test reporting
  • Experience with Selenium for end to end automation testing.
  • Experience with JavaScript/TypeScript programming language
  • Knowledge of different manual testing techniques, such as Acceptance, White Box, Black Box, System Testing and Integration Testing
  • Experience working in a CI/CD environment, using related tools (CircelCI, etc.)


  • Experience with API automation testing, as well as JMeter for performance testing
  • SQL Query experience
  • Experience with Zephyr or similar to document the tests
  • Blockchain knowledge

Non-technical skills

  • Ability to work independently, raise issues and take corrective action
  • Proven track record of solving problems and getting things done in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment
  • Exceptional attention to detail

About Ubiminds

Our Culture

Perks and Benefits

As a Quality Engineer @Ubiminds, you will:

  • Be placed in a product-based company, with the same treatment as their full-time employees.
  • Have our full back-office support, from career guidance to HR and concierge services.
  • Enjoy our remote-first policy – we are a distributed team, after all.
  • Get your own MacBook (none of that "bring your own device" stuff here).
  • Have access to growth opportunities with other amazing technology professionals, through tech talks, chapter meetings, and even remote happy hours for tons of fun!
  • Improve your English through free lessons with a native English speaker - get to the next level on your communication skills!
  • Candidate Referral bonus (promote Ubi to your tech friends, and get paid for it!)
  • Miss working in the office? Our cool Florianópolis headquarters is available, whenever you want, with weekly quick massages & tasty snacks, soft drinks, and games.

How our process works

1. Interview with Tech Recruiter (chat about the job opening and your experiences)
2. Client process (this may vary)
3. Offer (yay)

Job summary.

  • start date 09/11/2022
  • end date 09/12/2022
  • timezone Eastern Standard (GMT-4)


ci/cd javascript Test automation


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