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DevOps/SRE Engineer – Join our Talent Community

Ubiminds is a talent powerhouse. We source, recruit, and hire sought-after tech professionals, from mid-level to leadership positions – and you can be part of that!

We are always looking for talented Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) experts embedded in DevOps culture. Apply now if you're it!

To succeed in this position, you will need

  • Advanced/fluent English skills;
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal;
  • Experience with a configuration management tool (e.g. Puppet, Ansible, Chef, etc.);
  • Be comfortable with scripting (Shell, Python, Ruby, Node.js, etc.);
  • Experience with cloud-computing service providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.);
  • Experience with container orchestration frameworks (Kubernetes, Docker);
  • Familiarity with Git or any other revision control system;
  • Experience with Terraform

Submit your resume and grab the chance to enter a whole new ball game! We’re looking forward to meeting you! 😉

Job summary.

  • start date Permanently open
  • end date Updated quarterly
  • timezone Pacific Time (GMT-7) to Eastern Time (GMT-4)


ansible aws chef datadog docker git puppet terraform


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