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Administrative and Financial Assistant (221)

Ubiminds is a people-first company that partners with American software product companies to scale their development footprint. Ubi custom-curates Brazilian top 5% talent for their LATAM strategy. The Ubiminds business is MRR-based, and we offer a unique combo of staff augmentation and employer-of-record services.

About Ubiminds

Cultural Values

Perks & Benefits
As Administrative and Financial Assistant @Ubiminds, you:
  • Choose to work remotely or at our office during the week – we are a distributed team, after all.
  • Receive benefits – we like to keep staff healthy & well-fed. 😉
  • Tasty snacks, soft drinks & booze at our HQ
  • Weekly quick massage at our office
  • Financial support to take part in conferences, meetups, and relevant events
What you'll do
Ubiminds is a rapidly growing company and we are looking for a person who will be watching closely and executing the routines and processes to support our growth. You will be part of building a team that deals with administrative, financial, accounting, legal, and operational matters regarding Ubiminds' operation. That means you will:

Support accounts payable process: 
  • Double-check and execute key steps, validating records, updating metrics, proposing improvements, and supporting other stakeholders
  • Bridge the communication between internal admin stakeholders and external accounting consulting members, aligning demands and deadlines to support service delivery
Execute activities related to contract creation, review, and maintenance
  • Be familiar with our contracts, their formats, and particularities
  • Comprehend the main requirements and characteristics for contracts between Ubiminds and its suppliers, and analyze how differences in execution can impact our operation
  • Follow deadlines and contract changes, and update internal databases to reflect these changes
  • Bridge the communication between internal stakeholders and external legal counsel, aligning demands and deadlines to ensure service delivery
Business Intelligence: 
  • Be familiar with and contribute to our processes and continuous improvement
  • To get off the drawing board ideas and models of data extraction, viewing and delivering, dealing with sources such as spreadsheets, reports, and other support sources.
  • Build spreadsheets, charts, and info views to support decision-making.
  • Maintenance of current sheets, also applying continuous improvement on them.
In order to succeed in this position, you will need
  • Advanced English communication skills in reading and writing, medium in listening and speaking.
  • Analytic skills and expertise in developing and monitoring metrics and indicators.
  • Critical thinking and good text interpretation;
  • Google Sheets and Excel expertise;
  • Prioritizing skills considering short lead times;
  • Know how to work on a routine basis schedule;
  • Flexibility to deal with continuously evolving scenarios.
  • Previous experience with Account Payable, Accounts Receivable, Contracts, and/or Business Intelligence;
  • Previous experience working on distributed teams model;
  • Florianópolis based - at the beginning our interactions are major on-premises;
  • Recent conclusion on Management and/or Account Sciences College courses;
Relevant knowledge
  • Google Sheets
  • Excel
  • Accounting practices
  • Legal practices
  • Contract making
  • Kanban
  • English idiom

Job summary.

  • start date 10/06/2022
  • end date 10/07/2022
  • timezone Brasilia Standart Time


Analytic english Excel Sheets


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