Ubiminds: Scale Distributed Engineering Teams In Brazil

Help Ubi bring together the best software engineering pros in Brazil.

Introduce a friend to LatAm’s strongest tech community. Help skyrocket their career in planning, design, and development of digital products for American companies.
Ubiminds hires anywhere in Brazil

Step 1: You make a referral

Know someone who’s awesome on their field, has excellent English and is looking for jobs in the US? Tell us about them.
Ubiminds runs smooth IT recruitment

Step 2: We run our recruitment process

We’ll get in touch, chat and, if there’s a job match, we’ll include them in interviews and take-home tests – and present them to our clients.
Ubiminds pays for talent referrals

Step 3: If they’re hired, you get paid ($)

When your referral stays with us for 3 months, you receive money as thanks for finding and referring your friend. It’s a win-win.

The best remote jobs for product designers, security engineers, software developers and arquitects, quality analysts and other aces.


Know great talent? Make a referral.

Send Ubiminds your friend’s resume and we’ll get in touch as soon as the perfect job comes along.

Terms & Conditions. No fine print.

What kinds of jobs does Ubiminds offer?

Ubiminds hires programmers, software architects, testers and other IT professionals to work remotely for companies in the United States.

We’re not freelancers, and we don’t offer project-based temp work. All remote work at Ubiminds is executed in product companies, and positions are for full-time positions.

How does Ubiminds' process work?

Our whole process is in English, so strong ESL conversational skills are a must.

1. Profile interviews check if there’s a solid cultural fit between the hiring company and each candidate;

2. Technical interviews check the candidate’s proficiency in the position’s requisites;

3. Take-home tests are applied, so as to allow the referred professional to present their logic and code quality, for example;

4. Client interviews for learning and understanding the team’s structure, expectation alignment regarding activities, and so on.

How am I compensated for my referral?

There is a R$3k bonus for each referred candidate hired by Ubiminds, but some rules apply. We only pay if:

- The professional is new to our database and hasn’t been sourced by Ubiminds yet;

- The professional is indeed interested in taking part in our recruiting process;

- The professional must remain at least 3 months in the position they’ve been hired for.

The bonus payment will be made after the 3-month mark is hit.
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