Ubiminds: Scale Distributed Engineering Teams In Brazil

#OneTeam against COVID-19: How we’re getting by

First and foremost, as both US and Brazilian numbers rise, our sincere sympathy to anyone and everyone. Stay safe. Count on us to make your day to day easier in any way we can.

We were already distributed, and are experts in doing so. Anyone whose a product team or HR needs support can reach out and benchmark with us on how to work through COVID-19.

The only big change COVID brought to our service

Ubi’s headquarters have shut down – we’re full remote since March 17 and will remain so until it’s safe to come back to our new and improved office.

- Office hours remain 08:30 AM – 08:30 PM (GMT-3), Monday to Friday.

- You can reach us by phone on +1 (213) 334-6630 (United States).

- We are also available at ubiminds@ubiminds.com.

Routines and rituals are the same since before COVID-19

Granted we were already a distributed team and at least some Ubiminders were already Working From Home prior to COVID-19, we already had some regular timeslots in place for collaboration and communication.

Our Business Generation, Service Delivery and Backoffice teams carry out daily stand-up meetings, weekly retrospectives, and weekly one on ones between team members and their leaders.

Emotional support to employees is widely available

We are touching base more often, with added calls along the way, boosting our interactions also with our engineers and customer points of contact. Leaders are more available than usual and our psychologists have extra schedule openings available to listen to and provide support for our team members.

More than ever, full transparency is a must

Embracing quarantine has required us to be even more diligent with our documentation and collaboration tool stack and processes. GSuite, Confluence, Kanbanchi, Pipedrive, Reev, and YouCanBookMe have proven invaluable to keep our operations running smoothly. Slack and WhatsApp etiquette and best practices have kept us on the same page so far.

Sticking to our guns, albeit adapting to the new scenario

We are committed to our customers, talent pool and teams, and will continue to do everything in our power to provide the best possible experience to all. We are and will remain a people-oriented company, and our values are very much in place, but there are three that stand out at this moment in time. People First. Make It Happen. We’re In This Together.
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