Ubiminds: Scale Distributed Engineering Teams In Brazil

Work for American companies from your home, in Brazil.

Ubiminds' engineering jobs help you jumpstart your international career. We set you up for remote work in distributed development teams across the US. Innovate, learn, and grow like never before.
Two people connect via the internet - Ubiminds connects Brazilian Engineers with tech jobs for American companies

Land the best tech jobs, join forward-thinking product teams

Why should you be #OneTeam with Ubiminds?

Are you a world-class IT talent with sought-after skills? Gain priming and learn to stand out with our support. We place you in product and engineering jobs at innovative software companies, full-time.
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Be welcomed as their own 

Carry out meaningful, challenging full-time work that adds to your professional career. Learn and grow as you see a product end-to-end, instead of jumping from project to project.
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Enjoy prime remote work

Find the work-life balance you deserve. Is there a fast, stable, and secure internet connection? Then you can work for American companies, in distributed development teams.
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Gain international leverage

Enhance your English skills, boost your know-how, learn to collaborate, and even how to avoid faux pax! More than engineering jobs, we provide you life experience.

Become the best IT specialist / software engineer in your field.

Will you be the next Ubiminder to grow and evolve with high-performance digital product teams? We want self-driven, tech agnostic talent to fill our remote work positions.

We've got the best engineering jobs for Brazilian experts looking to work for American companies.

We know who's looking for a new Product Manager, UX/UI Designer, Mobile engineer, Web Engineer, Backend Engineer, or QA Specialist. Let us connect you.
Luciano Valente de Oliveira is Quality Engineer at Ubiminds

At Ubiminds you find a partner that places you in a meaningful position. That requires a lot of responsibilities and gives you the rewarding experience of working around the globe with diverse people with different backgrounds. You will definitely grow.

Luciano Valente de Oliveira
Quality Engineer

Bruno Bruggemann is Lead Mobile Engineer at Ubiminds

Working remotely or at the office according to my mood is something unique. Being a team member of an American company is also fantastic and I’ve only seen benefits so far. Honestly, it was the best career choice.

Bruno Bruggemann
Lead Mobile Engineer

Matheus Cavalca is Mobile Software Engineer at Ubiminds

I saw the meaningful change to my quality of life, disposition, and motivation. Since the very first day! I am very happy to learn every day from a very qualified, willing team.

Matheus Cavalca
Mobile Software Engineer
Maianne Ribeiro is Frontend Software Engineer at Ubiminds

The place is nice, the people are nice, it’s a great environment for working – we are all in the same boat, working together. You need to be always at the top of your game!

Maianne Ribeiro
Frontend Software Engineer

Change the way you work.
Change the way you live.

Be a part of distributed development teams that are truly welcoming. Get to explore your problem-solving skills and reach your full potential.

Become an Ubiminder and nail that dream engineering job.

Share your resume with Ubiminds and we’ll reach out when the perfect job opportunity for remote work pops up.

Ask your questions about our remote work model.

Flexible work conditions? Is it freelance work?

No freelancing, no project-based or fixed-term work. All remote work via Ubiminds is in product-based companies, and the positions are full-time and permanent. You can work from anywhere in Brazil but must comply with the customer’s time zone/work hours.

What kind of experience will I gain with Ubiminds?

There are plenty of reasons to work for US-based companies from Brazil. You will be hooked up with innovative product development processes. Not only will you experience full contact with business English and the distributed work culture, but also accelerate your career.

Why Ubiminds instead of other alternatives?

Other than enhancing your career and joining the multinational workforce, there are other reasons to put your mind at ease. Ubiminders are hired locally and can count on a strong community both in Brazil and in the United States.
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