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Boost the career of who changes the world: you.

When you join Ubiminds' Core Team, you help build the best technology company for anyone looking to start an international career.
Spend time with people you look up to
Work with innovative companies
Use cutting-edge tech stack
Get attractive compensation
Sounds good? If you're a People, Marketing, or Business Administration specialist, we want you at Ubiminds!

Be part of the team that matches Brazilian engineers and American companies.

We curate talent for product, design and software engineering teams for US companies.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in the US corporate culture, or focus on the information technology market, Ubiminds is made for you.

Be close to companies that change the world

Be #OneTeam with key people in people-first, high-performance organizations that are transforming their industries

Work with those you admire and whose company you enjoy. Work hard, play hard.

We help foreign companies assemble and scale high performance distributed teams - just like ours!!
We believe in people above everything else. We'll only be amazing if we foster a welcoming environment
Challenge yourself! Get out of your comfort zone and make it happen with us.
We are in it together and we trust our team! We keep it real to preserve our continuous improvement mindset
We want people who will experience, grow and have fun with us. How about it?

Why should you be #OneTeam with Ubiminds?

Become part of the company famed for scaling distributed teams in the tech field. Boost your career by bridging the gap between Brazilian professionals and American companies.

Career Protagonism

Ubiminds is re-build constantly. Our teams evolve according to the market changes: there are opportunities for you to experiment, learn and grow.

International Experience

Brazilian and American colleagues and clients, side by side. Here you immerse yourself in business culture, have English lessons with native speakers, and travel.

Great Compensation

Ubiminds practices interesting compensation and offers different engagement models. The work is 100% remote and schedules are flexible.

Find career opportunities here

There are several job positions open to those who want to join the business generation, talent attraction, client success and people management teams at Ubiminds. Apply now!

Grow and evolve with our People First culture

Do you know what all Ubiminders have in common? Passion for people, technology, and fresh challenges. We want people with good ideas, curiosity and willingness to learn. Our focus is on careers, not jobs. 
Meet the people who will be your co-workers
Ubiminders are dear, smart and creative people.
Know what else? They are ready to welcome you to the team.

We develop together a process of learning and professional growth. I can improve my technical knowledge and am challenged to explore new horizons. All this working with a close and empathetic team!

Celso Mateus

I was really able to experience talent acquisition as the heart of a company. Here I was given the opportunity to specialize as a tech recruiter - with daily work and internal training.

Aline Araújo

I like and accept challenges as part of my personal growth - and Ubiminds provides that. In addition to believing in the company's culture and values, I have great admiration and pride in the people who work with me.

Cibele Porres

Working at Ubiminds has been one of the best experiences of my career! I have the opportunity to bring my opinions, and Ubi is really a People First company - people care. Also, I have contact with different backgrounds, which is very enriching!!

Danielle Silva

Change the way you work.
Change your way of life.
Be part of distributed teams in the company known for its people. Explore your problem-solving skills and reach your full potential. Come grow with us!
Become an Ubiminder too
Share your resume (in English) with Ubiminds and we'll get back to you when the perfect remote work  opportunity arises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is English 100% mandatory?

We have some flexibility, but the level of proficiency required varies according to each position. Roles with direct client interaction require fluent or native English with negotiation skills. The other positions may require only intermediate writing/reading.

What is work like?

We are 100% distributed and you can perform from anywhere in Brazil, as long as you are part of the team's ceremonies. The core team follows the Brazilian calendar, while the professionals allocated to clients follow the American calendar.

What is the recruitment process like?

The process usually involves the following steps:

  1. Resume review - portfolio or similar will also do
  2. Chat with People team to learn about the role and assess if it fits your personal and career goals
  3. Chat in English for proficiency analysis, presentation of Ubi's culture, and questions about the company
  4. Call with the team to meet your peers, and agree on whether it's a match
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