Ubiminds: Scale Distributed Engineering Teams In Brazil

Ubiminds builds and scales distributed teams that deliver.

We custom-curate nearshore talent for stronger product, design, and engineering teams. Count on our smart IT staff augmentation strategies to filter out 99.5% of candidates so you don't have to.
Illustration of a globe showing North and South America, with pins presenting where team members are located in the US and Brazil

High-performance, distributed teams powered by Ubiminds

Why become #OneTeam with Ubiminds?

Tired of outsourcing software development? Instead, have senior engineers placed full-time on your team! Ubiminds connects you with top IT specialists across the entire product development lifecycle.
Hand holds a clock because Ubiminds helps you save time with recruiting processes

wasting time

Your team should be focusing on product development, not hiring processes. Let Ubiminds spare you 75% of the work.
A hub of 3 people connected - Ubiminds helps you scale distributed teams


Drive observability, ownership, and teambuilding with our support and guidance. Leverage expertise in distributed work.
Coin with a dollar sign and an up arrow - Ubiminds reduces hiring and staffing costs

your ROI

Expand your management and software development capabilities with us. Ubiminds saves you 40-50% on cost-per-hire.
Map shows two pins presenting timezones, one in CT and one in BRT - reflecting how Ubiminds allows you to hire talent nearshore


Find seasoned practitioners to keep code clean and quality high. Increase diversity with close-to-none time zone differences.

Build strong distributed engineering teams. 
Develop better products.

Looking for the right Product Manager, UX/UI Designer, Mobile engineer, Web Engineer, Backend Engineer, or QA Specialist? We'll connect you.

Scale distributed engineering teams through white-glove IT staff augmentation service.

Ubiminds' #OneTeam approach means we immerse and adapt ourselves to your goals and needs.
Build and scale nearshore distributed teams with our custom curation of tech talent!
Timeline shows Ubiminds' unique staffing model, with steps for soft skill, hard skill and team add assessments
Illustration of dials tuned in: Ubiminds has Customizable Hiring Processes

Custom hiring strategies

We tailor our recruiting process according to the specificities of each role.
flowchart of a 3-step process, representing that Ubiminds

Fully integrated efforts

We learn, communicate, and collaborate to achieve better outcomes time and again.
hand holds a tray with a diamond on top, representing the top-tier talent ubiminds provides

Senior engineers only

We are quality-driven and focus on value delivery - the bar is always high.
Two hands hold a man and a woman protectively, showing that Ubiminds has above-average retention rates

Improved tenure and ramp-up

We focus on career paths, with average retention at almost 3 years.

The best nearshoring experience 
for engineering teams.

The Ubiminds approach of integrating our values, what our business goals are, and how our teams work is super valuable – and that care continues over time.
- Nathan Feger, Director of Engineering at PowerSchool

We don’t lower the bar. Ubiminds meets or, most likely, exceeds the talent level we are looking for.
- Alberto Silveira, VP of Engineering at Schoology

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